Surround Vision

360 degree video production, shot of young people in open top jeep., Surround Vision VR production studio

Why Surround Vision?

There’s never been a better time to get involved in Virtual Reality. VR is becoming more accessible with consumer headsets flooding the market as the big tech companies vie for the growing market share.

Surround Vision is an award-winning, full service 360/virtual reality production, post-production and app development studio. We deliver powerful films and outstanding experiences to brands, agencies, organisations and individuals with our focus on engaging storytelling.


We constantly aim to innovate and problem solve, striving to communicate in the most creative, emotive and engaging way possible. We were the first VR team to develop ‘director’s view’, ‘picture in picture’ and a host of other cutting edge techniques that are now used widely in VR and use a range of progressive techniques to film content.


We have successfully delivered VR for cutting edge documentaries, advertising and short films, using live action, motion graphics, CGI and interactive content to mobile and HTML5 apps, as well as traditional distribution platforms. Sectors include: automotive, arts, broadcasters, fashion, FMCG, retail, sports, government, NGO and charity.


We know audiences love 360º and our belief in the medium has led us to commission our own content, giving our teams the opportunity to learn, play and experiment with new techniques and technologies.

Meet the Team