Surround Vison – VR and 360 Production House and Creative studio

Full service end to end creative and production services

We are full service VR/360º content creators. From creative through to platform delivery, we engage audiences with VR, AR and live action 360º experiences across Gear VR, Cardboard, iOS, Android and online platforms.

VR and 360° Production

Using our technical expertise and film-making knowledge, we work closely with clients to ensure their vision maximises the capabilities of the medium. Movement, blocking and technical aspects are carefully planned and executed and we use specialist rigs (including underwater, drone and 3D stereo solutions) that capture fully spherical, 360 degree images, shooting up to 6K and 120fps.

VR and 360° Post-production

We work hard to create smooth transitions between scenes and to allow time for viewers to explore those scenes freely. Our VFX artists pay close attention to eliminating stitch lines and minimising parallax issues.

Live Streaming

Working closely with hardware and software partners, we ensure a hassle free experience for clients and viewers. Each and every step of the process is tested and our specialists are on hand throughout the stream to oversee and assist. To further enhance the experience, multiple rigs can be used to allow viewers to have control over their view of the action.

CG Content

As well as creating entire worlds within VR we use CG to enhance live-action content by adding graphics, stills, additional video and hotspots.

Binaural Sound (Ambisonic/Spatial Audio)

Binaural audio, or spatial tracking audio, allows us to capture and track audio within the 360 environment: when the viewer looks around with a VR headset, the audio feed adjusts the left and right outputs, based on where the viewer’s ears would be receiving them to mimic real life. This further immerses the viewer creating a more intimate and believable experience.

App Development / Platform Delivery

Through our partners, Moyosa Media BV, we have been building VR apps for Android and iOS since 2010. More recently we’ve focused on Gear VR, HTC and Oculus. Our HTML5 and mobile apps can be enhanced by using rich media integration and hotspots allowing other forms of media, such as stills and traditional video, to be integrated into the experience.

Live Stream Volumetrics

We can now offer our clients the ability to live stream volumetric (holographic) elements directly to audiences using their mobile phones. This means that anyone with access to the internet (or 4G) and a mobile can watch sports content from ‘inside the game’ using a selection of readily available VR and AR devices. Our system takes sport documentary or drama content and translates it into 3D mesh form to allow the ultimate audience experience – realtime capture in a limitless 3D space.