Client Earth are a ground-breaking team of lawyers who are taking on environmental issues one legal battle at a time,

Their founder James Thornton started the practice on his own, but quickly became a legend in the green movement for his enforcement of environmental law. Now 150 lawyers represent their one client ‘Planet Earth’ and use the strong arm of the law to shift the balance in favour of the public good. This approach is innovative, bold and a game-changer in the global fight to protect the environment.

Much discussion of the environment has a negative focus. People often feel disempowered, that there is little they can do. We use law as a tool to mend the relationship between human societies and the Earth.

- James Thornton

Client Earth protect the environment through advocacy, litigation and science. They take governments to court – and win. They force polluting industries to shut down. They protect irreplaceable forests and vulnerable species. They empower people and NGOs with the legal rights to bring forward environmental battles of their own.

What’s even better is that by using the law it means that they create real, long-lasting and embedded change.
This episode will highlight the ground breaking work being done by these eco warriors as they strive to protect our future.

They are definitely ones to watch!

A celebration of environmental excellence, to encourage pride in our collective innovation.

Using immersive technologies to educate, entertain and inspire our global community.

Highlighting the success stories, to inspire a groundswell of positive activism across the globe.

The series will be shared globally across mobile & social media, on high-end VR platforms and at global climate events.

A series that spreads positive messages of innovation, inspiration and hope.

It’s about changing the global narrative with positive stories that bring hope in the face of adversity.