Designed to maximise impact as both an entertainment and educational tool, the Climate Changers series of VR films will be shared globally across mobile VR platforms & social media.

Facebook’s investment in Oculus has helped spark a revolution which is rippling across the media & tech world. All the big players have followed suit, Tech Giants racing to engage with audiences who are using their mobile phones to consume film and gaming content.

For the established tech brands like Microsoft and Google immersive technologies like VR and AR are being seen as an opportunity to offer customers a new product. Broadcasters like BBC, SKY, FOX and National Geographic are also getting involved, commissioning and acquiring content for their new VR platforms.

The tech giants and Broadcasters all have existing audiences and reach, and are actively looking for well produced VR content for their platforms.

With a Billion smartphones that can play immersive content, the mobile phone is clearly the best tool to engage with mass audiences. The term ‘Magic Window’ relates to viewing VR on a mobile phone without a headset. The screen acts as a “window” that allows you to look into a scene, opening VR up to billions of viewers, providing a fresh new way of engaging with audiences.

The high-end headset experience is the best delivery format and there are an estimated 17 Million Headsets already in the consumer hands. Industry confidence is very strong with ongoing platform investment from every tech giant and major content players actively exploring and showcasing VR content. All platforms are keen on distributing well produced content and as headsets become more affordable the market is expected to grow dramatically.

But the new kid on the block is Augmented reality; AR is the one that everyone is excited about because it already can reach 200 million phones. The development of camera tracking capabilities on higher end smartphones (iOS & Android), allows viewers to project ‘AR’ content through the camera on their phone, allowing them to walk into VR scenes and play with virtual elements. This is the future of how media will be consumed.

Highlighting the success stories, to inspire a groundswell of positive activism across the globe.

A series that spreads positive messages of innovation, inspiration and hope.

It’s about changing the global narrative with positive stories that bring hope in the face of adversity.

Using immersive technologies to educate, entertain and inspire our global community.

A celebration of environmental excellence, to encourage pride in our collective innovation.

The series will be shared globally across mobile & social media, on high-end VR platforms and at global climate events.