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CASE STUDY  | Climate Changers

Project Brief

Surround Vision original concept.

Project Overview

An interactive showcase of ground-breaking environmental solutions that are reshaping the way people think about sustainability.

Project Delivery

Surround Vision are teaming up with the biggest names in the green movement to inject some global pride in our collective innovation, giving fresh perspectives on the world around us, encouraging positive behavioral change. Climate Changers is built in Unity, and re-invents the documentary format, allowing people to literally ‘step into the content’ using smartphones & tetherless headsets, empowering a global audience with the facts to pressure world leaders to act decisively in the run up to the COP26 in 2020.

Reach & Impact

Climate Changers | A brighter Future will reach world leaders and policy makers at Key Climate Summits,  global audiences on VR stores for free, AR filters for social media and a touring showcase around schools and libraries to inspire young people and those new to VR.