The fight against climate change and environmental degradation is the greatest challenge of our time.

Whilst many of us worry about the future, feeling helpless in the enormity of the situation, there’s an army of passionate innovators, technologists, engineers and scientists who are rolling up their sleeves and taking on the challenge for all of humanity.

We at Surround Vision think it’s time to celebrate these incredible individuals with a series of VR films that showcase their solutions, helping to spread their messages of innovation, inspiration and hope.

It’s about changing the Global narrative with positive stories that bring hope in the face of our changing environment.

‘Climate Changers’ is a series of 8 x 6 min films that uses the power of VR to take audiences deeper into green technologies, helping to educate, entertain and inspire our global community. The series will be shared globally across mobile & social media, on high-end VR platforms and at global climate events.

By highlighting the incredible success stories, we aim to encourage pride in our collective innovation and inspire a groundswell of activism across the Globe.

Surround Vision are an award-winning VR & AR production studio.

The approach is simple. Mixing intimate performance with dynamic movement using state-of-the-art capture techniques.

Our team includes some of the most experienced VR producers and directors in the world.

VR films crafted with passion. We pride ourselves on delivering impactful and beautiful content for a global audience.

We make VR films for the world’s top brands and agencies and take great pride in pushing the boundaries of VR production.

It’s about giving a fresh perspective, amplifying engagement across social, mobile and the new VR & AR platforms.

VR is a fantastic tool for engagement because it transports the viewer into the heart of the story.