5 x 7 min VR documentary series

Contributors include:

Gina Rodriguez of TV’s ‘Jane the Virgin’ showing how role models gave her the courage to only accept acting roles that empower women.
Inna Braverman– the pioneering clean energy entrepreneur, who pushed to develop a patented technology for the generation of clean energy.
Tiera Fletcher– A 22 year old aeronautical engineer working for NASA, who’s paving the way for women in space exploration and science.
Ibtihaj Muhammad– the first American Muslim to win a medal at the Olympics wearing a Hijab. Who now runs a fashion label and Muslim Barbie Doll.

The Female Planet Series | Google


Project Brief

Surround Vision original concept.

Project Overview

VR amplifies a message because it takes audiences to the heart of an issue. In Partnership with Googles VR team, Surround Vision are immensely proud to have created a series that introduces a young audience to female role models who are breaking barriers and helping make the world a better place for all of us. It’s about inspiring a new generation of women to push boundaries and achieve their dreams.

Project Delivery

Designed to maximise impact by broadening horizons for young women all over the world whilst widening the pool of female role models visible to them and normalising female leadership. ‘The Female Planet’ is a collection of 360º films allowing the audience to shadow five extraordinary women with careers in science, technology, sports and the arts who share their personal and professional experiences.


The team used the latest YiHalo stereo cameras to produce stunning VR films using a range of complex rigging and grip systems to take the audience into the lives of these extraordinary women. The series, directed by Mary Matheson has been distributed around the world.