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Incredible India | Google Arts & Culture


Project Brief

Google Arts & Culture asked Surround Vision to help produce a VR film for their relaunch of the ‘Incredible India’ campaign in association with the Government of India and their Ministry of Tourism. The resulting film takes you on a mind blowing journey of discovery across Hampi, Goa, Amritsar and Delhi, exploring the places and people that make each of these iconic Indian cities incredible.

Project Concept

At it’s core is a celebration of the unexpected. For anyone who’s been lucky enough to travel to India there is a shared joy amongst visitors at the diversity and scale of the experiences that you encounter. The colours and energy of this great country awaken something inside you as you stumble across temples and elephants.

The four themes for the campaign are Adventure, Heritage, Festivals and Spirituality. Which will be linked with a series of spoken word talismen and women, Indian spiritual leaders from across the land. The music and sound design with entice the audience with the flavours of the markets and the chattering monkeys on the temple steps.

It’s about expressing the wonder of that first trip to India, we want our audiences wide eyed and begging to visit it for themselves.