Surround Vision, known for their use of VR for Good have launched The Female Planet in partnership with Google. This selection of 360 degree films provide an unique insight into the lives and careers of inspirational women from around the globe. This week, the final episode went live, telling the incredible story of Indo-American singer, Vidya Vox.

The series uses the powerful medium of virtual reality and 360 filmmaking to reach out to a young global audience and introduce them to role models who are breaking down barriers and helping to make a better world for all of us.

Shot in stereoscopic 3D with the Yi HALO camera using Google’s Jump technology, Vidya takes us on a personal journey, revealing the internal struggle between her two nationalities.

She takes us back to Mumbai, India and introduces us to the people and places that helped her merge her two identities, two music genres and eventually become the woman and singer she is today.

The Female Planet is uniquely aimed at a young female audience, designed to educate, entertain and inspire a new generation of women to push the boundaries and achieve their dreams. The films are shot in a dynamic, cinematic style with innovative CGI overlays.

Award-winning director Mary Matheson has directed all five films in the first season of The Female Planet.

“The final film ends the series with a bang,” said Mary Matheson. “We wanted to create an epic journey to showcase Vidya’s extraordinary story from bullied Indian kid in the US to huge international YouTube star. India gave us the perfect cinematic setting, and Vidya and her dancers make this film visually stunning.”

Press Kit can be found here:

You can watch the finished film here:

Surround Vision is an award-winning full service 360 & VR production studio delivering cutting-edge work for some of the world’s top brands. They’re relentless innovators, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of immersive technology, and their team includes some of the most passionate and experienced VR/360 professionals in the world. They’re best known for their work with names like Sky Sports VR, Google, National Geographic, United Nations, and more.

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Vidya Vox is a YouTube star and singer whose music fuses many traditional Indian genres with Western Pop and Electronic influences. Her debut original EP titled ‘Kuthu Fire’ was released on August 18. Since launching her YouTube channel in 2015 with mashups of Western Pop hits and music from her native India, Vidya has amassed over 350 million views and over 3 million subscribers, changing the course of her life in ways she never thought possible.


‘The Female Planet’ is a collection of 360 films allowing the audience to drop in and shadow the working lives of inspiring women. The series showcases five extraordinary women with careers in science, technology, sports, and the arts who share their personal and professional experiences.

Contributors include:
● Gina Rodriguez of TV’s ‘Jane the Virgin’ showing how role models gave her the courage to only accept acting roles that empower women.
● Inna Braverman – the pioneering clean energy entrepreneur, who pushed to develop a patented technology for the generation of clean energy.
● Tiera Fletcher – a 22 year-old aeronautical engineer working for NASA, who’s paving the way for women in space exploration and science.
● Ibtihaj Muhammad – the first American Muslim to win a medal at the Olympics wearing a Hijab. She also runs a fashion label and inspired a Muslim Barbie Doll.
● Vidya Vox – an Indo-American YouTube star and singer whose music fuses many traditional Indian genres with Western Pop and Electronic influences.

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