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Richard Nockles and Dan Stankowski are named the winners of Unity for Humanity Challenge 2019. The winning duo will work with the production studio Surround Vision.

The 2019 Unity for Humanity Challenge supports creators who are developing projects that encompass themes of social, healthcare, science, education, humanitarian and/or environmental issues. The aim is to enable developers who are using Unity for good and the competition saw over 200 applicants apply.

Richard Nockles (Creative director) and Dan Stankowski (Lead developer) will receive a total of $25,000.00 USD in production funding for The Clean A\R app. The app uses modelled air quality data from Kings College London to help visualise the pollution in cities using an augmented smog effect on social media.

The team will use the UK as a springboard for a global campaign that uses shareable AR filters on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, as well as the ‘Clean A\R App’ which will help to raise awareness of pollution internationally. The project will work closely with pollution experts at Client Earth and the C40 group.

The UN’s sustainable development goals are a blueprint for how we as humans can fix ourselves and with the Clean A\R App want people to understand what pollution is in their cities and encourage them to demand change.

Winning the Unity for Humanity prize is an endorsement for the team of developers at Surround Vision. Both Richard and Dan feel incredibly pleased and proud to win this award.

This will feature at ‘Unite’ in Copenhagen at Unity’s ‘Made in Unity’ section of the conference in September.


On winning, Richard Nockles commented:

“This prize represents a huge endorsement for Surround Visions’ commitment to ‘VR for Good’ and we’re very proud to have been recognised by ‘Unity for Humanity’.

We’re at a significant moment in time for the future health of our planet as policy makers set out actions to mitigate climate change.

Richard Nockles

The UN has been very clear in the direction that we have to take for climate transformation. Their sustainable development goals have given us all the foundations to build on, now it’s up to us as content makers and the global population to ensure that our politicians and decision-makers make the right choices in the next 10 years.


Lead developer, Dan Stankowski said:

“Delivering high-end VR & AR experiences can bring a fresh perspective on environmental issues. What’s more impressive is that the engagement levels are through the roof. We’ve found that the tools can create serious impact, opening peoples hearts and minds.

User testing shows that VR & AR engages on a deeper level with positive results in education, influence and behavioural change. It’s a great tool for engagement.”


About Richard Nockles

Richard Nockles has been at the cutting edge of VR innovation for the last eight years. His company; Surround Vision, based in London, produce award-winning VR documentaries and immersive experiences across a wide range of devices and platforms for clients including Google, the UN, SKY and the BBC.

Currently seconded as VR Creative Director at Sky VR studios, Richard has helped shape and accelerate the output for their in-house production unit.

About Dan Stankowski

Dan Stankowski is an award-winning games developer. In his current role as the Head of Interactive at Surround Vision, Dan continues to use interactive formats to challenge, excite and inspire the user with the hope of eliciting real change in the world.

A graduate of the prestigious National Film & Television School in Game Design, Dan has used his unique skill set and drive to work with industry-leading clients such as SKY, Channel 4 and The National Theatre.

About Surround Vision

Surround Vision is an award-winning, full-service VR & AR production studio based in London. The team includes some of the most passionate and experienced VR specialists in the world with a mission to tell groundbreaking stories.

About Unity

Unity is the world’s leading real-time creation platform and is used to create half of the world’s games. The real-time platform, powered by tools and services, offer incredible possibilities for game developers, and creators across industries and applications.

You can find more about Unity for Humanity here:



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