End to End Production

Surround Vision is a full-service production studio working across VR, AR and live-action 360. From creative planning all the way through to delivery, our expert team of in-house talent and partners make up everything you need to deliver an outstanding experience for HTC, Oculus, Gear VR, Cardboard, iOS, Android, or online platforms.

VR and 360° Production

Combining technical expertise and industry-defining creativity, we help our clients to create powerful immersive experiences. Our dream-team of directors, producers, and technical experts use 360-specific storytelling techniques to maximise your experience’s immersion and impact, and specialist rigs to capture up to 6k,120fps, fully spherical, 360° footage, no matter the environmental conditions.

VR and 360° Post-Production

Whether it’s eliminating stitch lines or minimising parallax issues, our VFX artists work hard to ensure our clients’ work looks its very best. We focus on smooth transitions between scenes and giving viewers time to explore them freely – everything it takes to deliver the highest level of immersion.

Live Streaming

We work closely with hardware and software partners to create a hassle-free VR live streaming experience. Each and every step of the process is tested rigorously, and our specialists are on-hand throughout to oversee and assist. To further enhance the experience, we can also set-up and run multiple rigs, allowing viewers to control their view of the action.

CG Content

Already have a 360° project in the works? We use CG to enhance live-action content with graphics, stills, additional video, and hotspots.

Binaural Sound (Ambisonic/Spatial Audio)

Spatial or binaural sound is an essential part of any VR/360° experience, allowing users to experience truly immersive audio that adapts to their orientation in virtual space. We’ll work within your existing project to design and implement spatial audio, crafting a soundscape that enhances and complements your visual storytelling.

App Development / Platform Delivery

We deliver VR/360° apps and content across HTC, Oculus, Gear VR, Cardboard, iOS, Android, and HTML5. Through our partners, Moyosa Media BV, we have been building mobile VR apps for almost a decade, and are proud to have brought projects to a range of platforms for some of the world’s leading brands.

Live Stream Volumetrics

By combining cutting-edge volumetric capture with live streaming technology, we can bring viewers the ultimate immersive experience – a 3D ‘hologram’ of an event, playing live on their phones. Our pioneering system takes real-life action and converts it into a detailed 3D mesh, allowing anyone to watch content from ‘inside the action’ in real time using only a mobile/headset and an internet connection.