Surround Vision Services

Reaching new audiences with VR

A billion Magic Windows

The term ‘Magic Window’ relates to viewing VR on a mobile phone without a headset. The screen acts as a “window” that allows you to look into a scene. This delivers content aimed at billions of smartphones and mobile audiences,

YouTube and Facebook have adopted this tech and are actively seeking content, providing a fresh new way of engaging with audiences.

17 million VR headsets

The high-end headset experience allows 6 degrees of freedom within gaming and true VR and is the future of the entertainment space. Facebook’s ‘Oculus’ are due to launch their untethered ‘Quest’ headset in 2019,

Industry confidence is very strong with ongoing platform investment from every tech giant, as headsets become more affordable the market will grow dramatically.

AR & mixed reality

The development of camera tracking capabilities on higher end smartphones (iOS & Android), allows viewers to project ‘AR’ content through the camera on their phone, allowing them to walk into VR scenes and play with virtual elements.

The importance of augmented content cannot be exaggerated, with Information, entertainment and games on your mobile phone.

Our Services – High-end VR & AR production

360º Video Production

Surround Vision is a full-service production studio working across VR, AR and live-action 360. From creative planning all the way through to delivery, we’ve set the bar across the industry for our high-end 360º documentary styles.

Our expert team of in-house specialists will provide you with everything you need to deliver an outstanding experience for HTC, Oculus, Gear VR, Cardboard, iOS, Android, and mobile AR platforms.

Holographic capture

Holographic capture takes live performance straight into real time game engines and represents a new frontier in audience engagement.

We work with some of the most progressive capture teams in the world, offering state-of-the-art facilities creating content across the full digital spectrum, from high-end 6DoF VR to mobile AR which allows our clients to reach billions of smartphone users across social, mobile and VR platforms.

VR & AR development

Surround Vision’s developers work across VR & AR gaming concepts which gives our clients the upper hand in this new genre. We use CGI assets, 3D scenes and photogrammetry to build interactive VR environments for our AR games, 360 portals and online webVR platforms.

With the recent release of mixed reality platforms from Microsoft Magic leap and Oculus the future is looking very bright for immersive content.

It’s about giving a fresh perspective, amplifying engagement across social, mobile and the new VR & AR platforms.

VR films crafted with passion. We pride ourselves on delivering impactful and beautiful content for a global audience.

Surround Vision are an award-winning VR & AR production studio.

We make VR films for the world’s top brands and agencies and take great pride in pushing the boundaries of VR production.

VR is a fantastic tool for engagement because it transports the viewer into the heart of the story.

Our team includes some of the most experienced VR producers and directors in the world.

The approach is simple. Mixing intimate performance with dynamic movement using state-of-the-art capture techniques.

CGI & post production

High-end animation has been the major driving force of the VR success story.

Surround Vision use CGI to enhance our films, allowing for interactive and gaming techniques. including stills, additional video or hotspot integration.

We use combinations of 3D software to create experiences that would be impossible to film with a 360 camera. Check out ‘Blue Economy’ for a brilliant example of CGI cutaway within documentary format.

Live streaming

When planning a LIVE 360 broadcast, proximity is key. You need to get as close to the action as possible, & add hotspots and graphics that give the audience a richer interactive experience.

There have been a number of breakthroughs in quality using tiled media solutions. We make sure each step of the process is tested and for the duration of stream our specialists are on hand to oversee the production and assist in the smoothest delivery.

Steadi-cam & OB

Surround Vision pioneered 360 production with Sky Sports OB services, developing ‘piggy-back’ carbon rigs and UHD cameras that work with their existing crews.

From steadi-cam ops at the premier league to ringside cameras with Anthony Joshua, the results speak for themselves, the footage is incredible and has set the bar for Sports capture across F1, Premier league, golf and Boxing, giving audiences groundbreaking VIP experiences.