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“VR for good” is at the core of the Surround Vision ethos and we pride ourselves on crafting immersive films that give a fresh perspective on a range of Global topics and take audiences into the heart of an issue. Over the past seven years we have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people who are doing extraordinary things to change the world, from the United Nations ‘Growing A World Wonder’ to ‘Mamie’s Dream’ for Plan International UK. Teaming up with Adrenaline Alley just seemed like the perfect fit and a chance to create an amazing experience.


The Adrenaline Alley VR experiences are designed to offer people with disabilities and  impairments the chance to enjoy all the thrills, excitement and atmosphere that draws thousands of people to Adrenaline Alley each year. Viewers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in high-octane twists, turns and jumps while also getting a feel of the day to day life at the park through casual and fun conversations.


The inspiration behind this amazing project was to create an environment where people, who might shy away or think that they don’t belong at a place like this, have the chance to take part in and understand that this park is for absolutely everyone with the right attitude; whether they want to train to compete or just have some fun.Blog collage 1


“The energy at the park is incredible; from the staff who work tirelessly to keep the cogs turning, to the riders who understand the dynamic required to sustain the harmony of the park, and of course Mandy who made this whole thing possible. It’s a wonderful energy that I’ve tried to capture in these films.”– Jack Howard, Director


Blog collage 2We hope we get the opportunity to do more of these amazing experiences and can’t wait to see the finished experience for Adrenaline Alley VR. We hope it encourages, inspires and entertains all who watch it!

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